Software Engineering

Q. The computer services division of a University wants to design a software solution to automate its complaints management system (CMS). The system should be allowed to record all the complaints from the users in the departments of the University and provide services on priority basis. It should also produce reports of daily listing of complaints (attended and attended), pending, etc. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary . To accomplish the above mentioned tasks, perform the following:

i. Develop SRS for this system
ii. Draw context-level DFD, 1st level and 2nd level DFDs
iii. Identify all the modules and their functionalities
iv. Design an ER Diagram

Q. Explain the role of the following for the success of a web applications project:

i. Webmaster
ii. Application support systemIn conventional software projects, while maintenance is important, it may not be done by the organisation that developed the project. In Web applications, the organization that developed the site is quite likely to be given the responsibility of its maintenance. This is because, web applications tend to keep evolving and what corresponds to the development phase in a conventional application is here quite brief and frenetic. A large part of the evolution of the software tends to happen subsequently, based on user feedback and continuing refinement of the concept by those who conceived of the application.
iii. Content Development TeamIn conventional business application software, there are usually changes and modifications required to master tables in databases, such as altering price lists, available items and so forth. Web applications frequently require much more ongoing, sustained effort to retain user interest because of the need to change the content in the site. In the case of a news site, this updation can be very few minutes. the actual news feed can be coming from a wire feed from some news agencies, or from the organisation’s own sources.
iv. Web PublisherThis is an important role that connects the content development team to the actual website. The raw material created by the writers has to be converted into a form that is suitable for serving out of a webserver. It means formatting the content according to the requirements of a markup language such as HTML. Though tools can help perform much of this, there still might be human effort needed.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

(This is a question bank – a collection of all possible questions one can come up within a subject arranged chapter-wise and the answers hyperlinked to the question).

Identify the class, objects, instance, generalization, association and inheritance

i) Furniture- Table Objects
ii) Father – Daughter Inheritance
iii) Faculty Class
iv) Computer-Mouse Generalisation
v) Person – Student Association

Draw a State Diagram for borrowing a book from a library. For issuing a book, a valid library card is required. At a time not more than two books can be issued. The reserved books cannot be issued.

A hospital wants a computerized system to manage patients’ appointments, maintain their medical records, keep payment records and generate records. Both doctors and patients are reminded one day in advance through SMS/email about the appointment. The appointment can be fixed through by on-line/off-line mode. When the patient makes a call for an appointment, the receptionist will check the schedule as per the earlier date. Perform the following tasks:

Draw a use case diagram
Draw a class diagram
Draw an object diagram
Draw the sequence diagram

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  1. Differentiate between P and NP class of problems with example of each
  2. Write an algorithm that finds the real roots, if any, of a quadratic equation ax2+bx+c=0, where a=0, b & c are real numbers
  3. By using the principal of mathematical induction, show that n3-n is divisible by 6, where n is a non-negative integer

  4. Sort the following sequence of numbers by Bubble sort
    15, 10, 13, 9, 12, 17