Object Oriented Analysis and Design

(This is a question bank – a collection of all possible questions one can come up within a subject arranged chapter-wise and the answers hyperlinked to the question).

Identify the class, objects, instance, generalization, association and inheritance

i) Furniture- Table Objects
ii) Father – Daughter Inheritance
iii) Faculty Class
iv) Computer-Mouse Generalisation
v) Person – Student Association

Draw a State Diagram for borrowing a book from a library. For issuing a book, a valid library card is required. At a time not more than two books can be issued. The reserved books cannot be issued.

A hospital wants a computerized system to manage patients’ appointments, maintain their medical records, keep payment records and generate records. Both doctors and patients are reminded one day in advance through SMS/email about the appointment. The appointment can be fixed through by on-line/off-line mode. When the patient makes a call for an appointment, the receptionist will check the schedule as per the earlier date. Perform the following tasks:

Draw a use case diagram
Draw a class diagram
Draw an object diagram
Draw the sequence diagram

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