Srivaishnava guruparamparai

Different religions propagate different types of gods. And some religions propagate atheism. Search for largest religious groups with followers on wiki reflects below table of top 4,

ReligionFollowers TheismName of the GodForm
Christianity 2.2 billion TheistAlmightyNo
Islam 1.9 billion TheistAllahNo
Hinduism 1.1 billion Theist33K CroresYes
Buddhism 0.52 billion AtheistNot applicableNo

So Hinduism is the only religion which gives a form/shape to the God. However, the count of Gods is 3,30,00,00,00,000 (10 zeros??). However, there are about 6 major gods or religious schools as shown in below table:

Name of the GodPractice (Popularly Known as Matham)

The author belongs to the Vaishnavism sect, which is again sub-divided into many sub-sects based on religious teachers/philosphers. One such sub-sect is Srivaishnavism, wherein the consort of Vishnu is revered as a mediator. Below is a picture showing the lineage of teachers right from the Sriman Narayana.

thirunarayan embar's forefather in the Srivaishnava Guruparamparai
Srivaishnava Guruparamparai is the list of teachers.

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