Thirunarayan R Embar, MA (Vaishnavism), MBA (HR), ML (Contracts & Mercantile Law)

Thirunarayan: Below is the dialogue between me and myself ;).

  • Thiru: Why do I blog?

I am an avid reader. I make copious notes of what I read.  I blog about what I read and experience.

  • Thiru: Where was I born?

In the city of Mysore at India.  I am proud to say my native is Mysore. I grew up in the silicon city of India-Bangalore.

  • Thiru: Where did I do my schooling?

Sarvodaya School. This school is about a kilometer from our house and I studied right from lower kindergarten (Montessori-II) till 7th Standard. For high school (8th to 10th), I moved to St.Xavier’s Boys High School at Shivajinagar-Bangalore city.

  • Thiru: Which colleges did I study?

For my pre-university (PCMB), I went to BHS First Grade College at Jayanagar-Bangalore. My first bachelor’s degree was in science (Physics/Chemistry/Maths) at K.R.Puram Government First Grade College (about a kilometer away from our home). My last collegiate education was in law for three years at SLSRC Havanur College of Law at Mission Road-Bangalore.

  • Thiru: Why/What/Where of correspondence courses?

While in school, my father came to know that I was awed by a person holding Limca book of Records for maximum number of collegiate degrees.  When I joined law college, my father encouraged me to apply to correspondence courses in multiple universities. That started me into doing courses for the next quarter century.

  • Thiru: What degrees have I completed by distance education?

I have successfully completed 4 degrees and 1 diploma till date. These are my Masters in Law in Contracts (Annamalai University), my Master of Business Administration in HR (KSOU), my Bachelor degree in Arts as well as Master of Arts in Vaishnavism (Madras University) and a post graduate diploma in Computer Applications (Bharatiar University).

  • Thiru: List of correspondence courses in which I am a student still?

Yes. I gave an entrance exam to pursue my M.Phil in Vaishnavism, but the chances of selection are pretty slim even in future as it requires attending University (unless I take a sabbatical). I am in 3rd semester of my MCA from IGNOU and also studying for intermediate exams of Cost & Management Accounting.

  • Thiru: How I became spiritual?

When my aunt passed away, I inherited her books and I studiously learned Vishnu Sahasranama and Tiruppavai. I briefly attended a few courses by ISKCON.  After my father passed away, my mom took me to certain discourses by Velukkudi Krishnan. He was a captivating orator and organizes annual spiritual tours to North India for thousands of pilgrims. On my first such tour to Nepal, I met other persons who were undergoing bachelors degree in Vaishnavism.  I too joined the correspondence course for BA.  After I passed out, I came to know that Madras University has started offering masters degree in Vaishnavism in correspondence and joined and completed the same. Now it seems that MA degree is discontinued in correspondence and only University classes based regular degree is offered.  Thus over a decade, I habitually became interested in spiritual matters. My uncle who is also my guru, took me along with him to the birthplace of Saint Govinda Jeeyar or Embar in Maduramangalam-Tamil Nadu every year during Jan-Feb.  My mom took me every year during April-May to Melukote-Karnataka for birth celebrations of saint Ramanujacharya (1017 AD – 1137 AD).  I also got to read a huge amount of literature for the self study of Vaishnavism courses and Divya Prabhandham courses (the course material provided by Universities will be in Tamil and I write my exam in English). I have also started chanting Divya Prabhandhams during birthday celebrations of all alwars and acharyas at different parts of India. So I had several opportunities to visit below places:

  • Tirunelveli on the birthday of Nammalwar
  • Tiruvali near Seerkazhi-Chidambaram on the birthday of Tirumangai Alwar
  • Srivilliputtur on the birthday of Andal,
  • Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram & Chennai-Mylapore for the birthdays of Mudhal Alwars – (Poigai-Bhootham-Pey alwars respectively)
  • Sriperumbudur on the birthday of Saint Ramanujacharya
  • Maduramangalam on the birthday of Saint Embar
  • Kooram on the birthday of Koorathalwan
  • Srirangam on the Panguni Uttiram as well as Saint Manavala Mamuni’s Srishailesha Vaibhavam
  • Tirukkurungudi on the Kaisika Ekadashi day
  • Tirupathi on the day of Anandhalwar


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